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Insightful Software

Envy Labs builds data-driven web applications with a focus on interactive training and visualization.

A Positive Outlier

Envy Labs is 13 strategists, designers, and developers skilled at pairing data and training with software. Clients value our objectivity and the perspective gained through our own successful products.

Proven Services

From concept to launch party, we provide expert insight into content delivery. Visit the services page for a detailed view of our planning and implementation offerings.

Data Management

G.I. Joe taught us that knowing is half the battle; in the theater of big data, storage and retrieval are the other half — especially on the web.

Interactive Visualization

As devices and browsers advance at a feverish pace, so does our ability to serve rich, interactive visuals. Working alongside the domain expertise of our clients, we seek to uncover the best representations of their data.

Technical Training

With Code School, we excelled as an early entry in the learn-to-code marketplace. Since then, we’ve consulted on and implemented platforms for education in data science, network administration, and more.

Software Process

From startups to Fortune 100 companies, we’ve run the gamut of client size and structure. Our process and experience combine to sidestep the usual pitfalls of software development.

Design and Development

Our software development experience goes beyond a sum of years spent: we’ve had a hand in training many of today’s web developers, and always seek to push the bar of quality higher.

Just Like Family

Since 2009, leading developers and designers have called Envy Labs home. Head over to the about page for a look at the smiling faces behind our work and the grin-worthy process we employ.


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